evening pillow fight

Every event has their own rules. These rules are not created to kill the party but to prevent any circumstance that may endanger the life of the participants. We based our rules on other events like Legendy Rocka¬†which are proven effective. We added some because of our pillow fight section but don’t worry you will still have fun while rest assured that everything is going to be alright.

  1. No need to bring your own pillow. Our event will provide you feather and cotton pillows for you. Besides, pillows are so bulky that it would be such as hassle if you have to bring your own. The acrobats will use your pillows as landing mat.
  2. Don’t bring liquor or any alcoholic beverage. Pillow Fight Club will give you stubs to get free drinks. If you already used all your stubs, you can buy alcoholic beverages in the event stalls. You have a wide variety to choose from such as vodka, margarita, and beer.
  3. No offensive clothing statements. Our event doesn’t support discrimination. To avoid being prevented from entering the event, don’t wear offensive clothing that discriminates race, sex, and other discriminating statements.
  4. Have fun. Off course, you go here to have fun and we want you to have what you are looking for. Just don’t go overboard when it comes to pillow fighting to the point that you might injure someone,