Our Cause

street pillow fighting

Meaningful Club

Everything we do has reasons. Our Pillow Fight Club didn’t created this movement out of nothing. We found so many needs to be met. So we created something fun yet meaningful, that is the pillow fight day. When you join us, you are working with us in helping many beneficiaries.

Feed The Children

As you are reading this page, thousands or probably million children around the world with no food to eat. They are hungry however their families can’t sustain their basic needs. Part of the collection we get in an event goes to organizations that work toward giving children something to eat. To know more about the organizations we support visit their website: www.feedthechildren.org, https://www.kidsagainsthunger.org,

Promoting Social Justice

Pillow fighting is a great way to get everybody move and bond. We want to unite everyone despite their differences. Racial discrimination and sexuality discrimination are one of the things we focus on. We want to create a world where everybody can be their self without being judged.

Raising Awareness

Pillow Fight Club wants to raise awareness against the spread of HIV/AIDS. Every year, more people get infected because of ignorance and/or carelessness. We had a member who died because of AIDS, we don’t want this to happen to anyone. The death of our friend caused us to open our eyes and gave us the willpower to fight it.