Get Ready To Pillow Fight

pillow fighting event

No Need To Train Hard

Our pillow fight club doesn’t require you to train hard. You just need the energy and enthusiasm for a day that’s full of fun filled activities. At first, we are hesitant to include pillow fighting in our events but when we’re testing the waters, the crowd enjoyed. We never thought that this will be big but it came to pass.

Where You Can Find Us?

We are everywhere. We travel from country to country to bring this liberating fun filled activity. We’ve been to London, North America, Brazil, and Argentina. Next year, we are considering Asia. Tune in so you won’t miss us. ┬áThere’s one thing that we can promise you, if you participate, you’ll have the best day of your year.

Pillow Fighting Doesn’t Happen In Your Bedroom Anymore

The world is changing isn’t it? Pillow fighting doesn’t happen in your bedroom anymore, it happens in a vast open field where thousands come to pillow fight with you. So toss your pajamas and get ready for a pillow fighting to the next level.

What Can You Get?

Pillow fighting is not the only reason you came for. More good things await you here. Professional acrobats will give you breath taking performances as well as bands that will surely make you head bang. Never miss this one day event.