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coffee morning walk
Tips and Ideas

Stumbling on Ideas Off the Beaten Track

coffee morning walk

Faced with a creative wall that seems to have no plans of budging? You can wait it out and let time pass you by without accomplishing anything. Or you can do something that might help you find it. Sometimes getting off the beaten track or everyday routine can lead you to some inspirations and insights.

Change your morning routine. Wake up early. Use the time to do things you have not done in a while. Catch the sunrise, go for a walk, make a to-do list (or don’t make one for a change), or prepare a delicious breakfast from scratch. The possibilities are endless.

Do things a little bit (or a lot) differently. You can stumble into daily inspirations by simply disrupting your routine and exploring something out of the ordinary. Change your commute by taking the public transportation instead of driving your car. Go out of your way to do something out of the ordinary by your everyday standard.

Take on a challenge. One of the downsides of keeping your eyes on the big goals is that you could lose your motivation during the long stretch. You have to constantly challenge yourself by setting mini-goals that would motivate you to accomplish something that contributes to your end-goals. Volunteer in a coral reef community or at an animal shelter.

Get inspired. Read inspiring books and other good reads that promote positivity. Take the time to read daily inspirational messages, an inspiring book, or affirmation cards that can help you find the inspiration you need.